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Easter Lamb cooking times

Easter Lamb cooking times

HALF LEG OF LAMB (various weights on pack) COOKING GUIDE 

Oven 180oC/ Fan assisted 160oC/ Gas Mark 4

Half or whole leg

25 minutes per 500g, plus 25 minutes

Well done 
30 minutes per 500g, plus 30 minutes



- Take large joints of meat out of the fridge one hour before you want to start cooking them.

- For large joints, it’s a good idea to cook them on a high heat (220°C / gas mark 8) for the first 20 minutes. This makes the skin crisp while the heat penetrates the meat.

- Baste the meat 2-3 times during cooking. Using a turkey baster or a large spoon, scoop the juices up from the corner of the pan, and drizzle back over the top of the joint.

- Pierce the thickest part of the joint to check if it’s ready – pinky-red juices mean it’s rare, slightly pink and it’s medium, and clear juices mean it’s well done.

- Rest the lamb after cooking before serving. This helps the juices settle back into the meat for a more tender serving.